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"Advanced" options ... mostly to do with spacing.

The built-in font metrics seem generous sometimes, this allows shrinking font measurements from the browser. If you find the individual glyphs in the generated atlas have columns of whitespace on left or right sides, increase the trim values. But if the left and right edges are clipped, decrease them.

When Outline Thickness is used above, additional padding is added to each four sides of each glyph given by the product of Outline Thickness & Outline Spacing Factor.


Hi! This makes the text portion of a GameFont.tga for Civilization IV.

The TGA file contains invisible pink rgb(255 0 255 / 0%) pixels as guides. With teal rgb(0 255 255 / 0%) pixels as baseline/descent indicators.

The "Font" input field allows changing some font options like size and family. It should use fonts available to your browser; probably whatever is installed on your system. You can also try using an external font by using the font family "External" and providing a font URL and clicking "Load Font". Here are some example URLs:

If you use an external font, make sure it includes the right unicode range or it might not show up.